SWAG14 – One week away

SWAG 14 is moments away, although we are now in the stages of counting heads, making sure you can come, we do have cancellations and have some tables available if you need a table, we have encouraged you to Bring Your Own Table which will be a big help in the long run, but we got 7 spare tables right now.  

If you are thinking of coming, now is the time – I have OPENED up the Tickets on A, B and BYOT table zones.

This time we WILL have space for a larger Bring and Buy, Zeb has confirmed that he will need a lot of space for his items, I am aware of two other people who have said they have multiple items to sell.  FEEL FREE to fill up the Bring n Buy Tables !

We had some problems with the auction so I have not listed many items this time, but I will work on the auction software as it is difficult to know where your items are finishing.

So Gil now announced that we will be having a football contest with Sensible Soccer (which I know nothing about) and also put up the Declare your SWAG poster.

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