Merchandise Available for Workbench 2019

With Workbench only a week away, we have now put together some T-Shirts for you to wear. These are only available to order online and you will need to order them at least 3-5 days in advance as they are printed to order. I suggest you order them NOW as Amazon are giving a 1 week lead time, however I did get my tester in 3 days.

With regards the price, I have been able to offer these at ยฃ17.99 including VAT and FREE DELIVERY, (I heard there is a problem ordering under twenty quid to get FREE delivery without Prime. If you want, PayPal me the money and I will order it with my Prime to your address but you must supply me an email and message in the comments and i get back to you).. Any monies raised from the sales (typically ยฃ4 a shirt) will go toward our membership fees at the Swindon Makerspace for our regular meetups.

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