SWAG #12- Tournament Announcement

It’s been some time in the planning stage but we can now reveal that our main sponsor for all forthcoming SWAG meets in 2022 is Retro Games Limited; developers of the C64 Mini, THEC64 and the soon to be released A500 Mini.

To celebrate this sponsorship we will be running an All Terrain Racing (ATR) competition at our next meet on Saturday 5th February. ATR is one of the many games bundled with the A500 Mini which goes on sale in March.

Retro Games Limited have generously provided the prizes for this tournament, which are:

Third Place – C64 Mini

Second Place – THEC64

First Place – A500 Mini*

*As this has not yet been released it will be sent to the winner when it launches.

We will be judging the final prizes outcome based on competitors’ best ATR lap time on the first “sports” course (the top one) in 1-player arcade mode. The player can use whichever car, car mods in the shop (choose carefully between power and control!) and control system (stick or keyboard) they choose. Each race consists of 6 laps; competitors are allowed 3 races in total throughout the day. When the competition ends, the 3 highest scoring players will be awarded the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively. Only 1 prize per competitor! Racing will take place on the same designated Amiga

Final Judging will be done by Gil and Derek (from Amiga Spirit) who will be running the tournament.

Just a reminder that we’re almost sold out of tables for the 5th, so if you want to attend, you must purchase a ticket then please don’t delay! Name badges will be provided upon entry. Your ticket price covers a buffet lunch, snacks and drinks. If you don’t wish to bring any kit then please book a “seat” ticket.

There may be filming going on during the meets, so please be aware of this.

We look forward to seeing you and extremely excited to be running the Tournament in conjunction with Retro Games Ltd.

SWAG #12 – Book your tickets now

Please be aware that there is a price increase to £10. This is to cover Covid related supplies and any venue / food and drink prices increases. The booking system is limited to book a maximum of four people, as we get closer to the meet, we will be following current government and council guidelines regarding the use of the venue.

Please be aware that there is filming that does go on at our meets, we have been part of DVD documentaries, YouTube and Twitch channels which helps increase our exposure. Please let a SWAG team member know if you have a problem with this.

If you are bringing anything that might be of interest, unique or new, then please contact the SWAG team please let them know, we do enjoy seeing the Amiga’s being used in different ways.

A SWAG meeting is for YOU, this is a meet that is purposely for showing off your Amiga warez, it is not for traders.  If you wish to sell with us, then you need to contact us and talk to us about our more exclusive trader event ‘Workbench 2022’ which we are hoping to reschedule around May.

Please remember Children ARE FREE, use a SEAT booking to reserve them, when booking please write their names in the Notes section of the booking and any information we might need to know

For anyone booking a hotel, we are currently looking around for somewhere to sleep, we will follow up on that ASAP and post about it on social media/website.

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SWAG#12: Let’s do this again


The Last meet in September was a fantastic success of getting us back on the road, we had about 90% of the turnout and was thankful for everyone coming out.  Now, we had been preparing a lot to get ready for the next installment of Workbench but sadly we had to put that on hold and we are now going to try and repeat what we did in September.  

We also did ask on social media about pricing increases and also tried to encourage people to bring their own tables to help us get more into the hall.  We will announce tomorrow at 8PM what is happening with pricing and the booking page will go live.  

If you have missed the meet last time due to illness, then we are sorry that you couldn’t make it and the ticket was unfortunately non-refundable (we have to book food etc), however as a gesture of goodwill, we will attempt to contact you tonight or Saturday and I will reserve your previous position until Monday and ask for a payment.

Ticket prices are currently being discussed, we will be ready tomorrow at 8pm.  We are looking forward to another meeting depending on how the pandemic conditions unfold, if we are forced to cancel then you will all be refunded.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed it goes ahead and hopefully in the summer we can have the planned Workbench 2022 too.

The Booking Page will open on Saturday the 8th of Jan 20:00 .