Getting Ready for SWAG 16

With a week to go until SWAG meet number 16, we thought it was time to give you a quick update, especially as it looks like we have several people visiting for the first time.

First-up, and we can confirm that this meet will be our busiest to date. We’re not sure what’s caused the increased interest in SWAG, but as ticket sales closed on Friday 26th we had over 80 people booked in to attend. Thank you so much for all your support!

All the information you need in the run-up to the SWAG event on Saturday 3rd February should be found in this email. It’s possible you may have other questions, however. In that case you can ask these questions over on the SWAG Facebook group or drop us an email at [removed]

What Does Your Ticket Price Cover?

Your ticket prices covers your contribution to the hire of the venue, (thank you!) a buffet lunch which is served around noon, plus tea, coffee, soft drinks, crisps and chocolate biscuits.

The drinks and biscuits are in the kitchen. Please help yourselves!

As the event runs until 10:00pm, you may want a bite to eat if you’re staying for the evening leg. Firat’s takeaway is a mere 2 minute walk from the venue and serves pizza, kebab, burgers, chips etc. Any member of the SWAG team can give you directions.

The Venue and Parking

The event runs from 10:00am – 10:00pm and is held at Dodington Parish Hall, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol, BS37 6JZ.

Dodington Parish Hall has ample on-site parking. If you arrive early enough you’ll be able to park in the small car park right outside the hall. If that car park is full there are spaces to the right as soon as you come through the main gates. Should that car park also be full you can find further parking behind the hall. If you’re parked behind the hall and need to bring equipment through we can open a side door for you.

We are the only people using the site on the day, so parking should not be an issue.

Once you enter the hall please find either Scott MacDonald or Rob Hazelby. They will hand you your name badge and will also show you where your table’s located if you’ve ordered a table ticket. If you have any questions on the day please come and speak to either of them.

Guest Attendees

We are very pleased to announce that former Commodore UK Marketing Manager David Pleasance will be attending the event.

Having authored several Amiga history publications, including From Vultures to Vampires, David will have these available for purchase throughout the day. If you ask David nicely he’ll be more than happy to sign any book purchases or simply chat about Commodore’s Amiga glory days.

Also appearing at SWAG 16 are the Amiga Addict Team. Visit their stand to pick up back issues, Amiga Addict merchandise or simply use this as an opportunity to chat with the AA staff.

Prize Winning Games Tournament

Resident SWAG games tournament organiser Gil Ashby is back with another head-to-head prize winning competition. This time it’s the legendary Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 from Gremlin Graphics.

Prizes include SWAG mugs, drinks coasters and keyrings!

The tournament will be running throughout the day with prizes issued around 5pm.

Before the tournament gets underway, Gil will be going around the venue asking attendees to sign-up. Make sure you get yourself down on the list!

Free Amiga Re-Capping Service

Zeb and Derek will be offering a free Amiga re-capping service which will be running throughout the day. If you don’t have a set of replacement capacitors to hand, Derek will have these for sale.

Please note that Zeb and Derek will ONLY work on your Amiga motherboards if they have been completely removed from their cases. You will need to do this before you hand your motherboard over to them for repair.

As the re-capping service is free, there will be a tip jar at the event where you can drop in cash and notes as a little thank you for Zeb and Derek’s efforts.

Buy and Sell Tables

If you have Amiga or general retro kit you want to sell then please bring it along to the event and put it on our Buy and Sell Tables.

We’ll have a pile of sales forms on the tables. All you need to do is take one, detail what it is you’re selling, the price you’re asking for and your name. Put this form on your item and if anyone attending the event wants to buy what you’re selling they can track you down, so don’t forget to wear your name badge!

All we ask is that, if at the end of the day you have unsold kit, please take it home with you. We don’t have the space to take home unwanted items. Thank you!

Keeping the Venue Tidy

Please do your best at keeping the venue tidy. We have to not only ensure the venue floor and kitchen are clean before we leave, but we also have to take all our rubbish and recycling home with us.

To make this task easier, please use the recycling bins laid out in the kitchen and ensure your cardboard, cans, plastic etc. are placed in the correct containers.

If you can also ensure the kitchen is kept tidy, this would be a massive help.

Thank you!

Our Next Event

We don’t yet have a date we can announce for SWAG 17, but as soon as one is available we’ll announce it via this email list and on our Facebook group.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at SWAG 16 on Saturday 3rd February.

All the best,

The SWAG committee (Dave, Steve, Derek, Gil, Zeb, Scott and Rob)

SWAG Tickets – SOLD OUT !

Tickets are now on sale for SWAG meet 16, which takes place on Saturday 3rd February 2024.

Click the “Tickets” link above for more details and to purchase tickets.