Dyna Blaster Tournament Announced

dynablasterWe know the Amiga was and still is a much-loved gaming platform, and itโ€™s because of this that weโ€™re making sure thereโ€™s a good multiplayer element to our first meeting. The 4-player joystick/pad adapter has arrived, and weโ€™ll be firing-up Dynablaster Bomberman and Gauntlet 2 for a mix of fight-to-the-death and co-op gaming. (If you can think of any other 4/5 player simultaneous Amiga games that would be suitable then please let us know!).

First SWAG Event – 7th May 2016

eventThe first SWAG event has now been announced;  to be held at Swindon Makerspace on Saturday 7th May 2016.  Please see the ‘event‘ page for more details.  We hope to see you there!