Announcing SWAG Meet #9

We’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who took the time to answer the questions set in our recent survey. From this we’ve learned a lot about the people who attend the SWAG meets and will use this information to help the group grow over the next 12 months.

With the results collated, we were planning to ask The Swindon Makerspace if they’d let us descend on their venue one Saturday afternoon in May. Our planned return to Swindon has been put on hold however as an event sponsor has stepped forward, generously offering to cover the majority of our room hire if we use Dodington Parish Hall for our next meet.

We are now pleased to announce that Dodington Parish Hall has been booked and the date of the next meet is Saturday 18th May, running from 11am – 10pm.

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Your help required!

Following the success of Workbench 2019, we now need your help in planning our future events.

Our next meeting is scheduled for May/June 2019. However, due to increased numbers we may soon outgrow our current home, the Swindon MakerSpace.

Please consider taking a few minutes to complete this short, anonymous questionnaire. Help shape our future!

Merchandise Available for Workbench 2019

With Workbench only a week away, we have now put together some T-Shirts for you to wear. These are only available to order online and you will need to order them at least 3-5 days in advance as they are printed to order. I suggest you order them NOW as Amazon are giving a 1 week lead time, however I did get my tester in 3 days.

With regards the price, I have been able to offer these at £17.99 including VAT and FREE DELIVERY, (I heard there is a problem ordering under twenty quid to get FREE delivery without Prime. If you want, PayPal me the money and I will order it with my Prime to your address but you must supply me an email and message in the comments and i get back to you).. Any monies raised from the sales (typically £4 a shirt) will go toward our membership fees at the Swindon Makerspace for our regular meetups.


Workbench: Our First Ever SpeedBall 2 Prize Tournament.

Speedball 2 Tournament is now scheduled for Workbench. We been working frantically over the last few days to try and get this together, sadly not everything is ready but I wanted to announce this now and we are still working on many things, the prizes, the format and when the finals will be played. We will be utilizing the venue the best we can, we will have few Amiga’s available to play these games on.


Everyone attending is allowed an entry, you can pay on the day by seeing one of us or by commenting below with your email, name and we will get back to you, you will be marked onto the bracket list and give you a link to make a PayPal payment of £1.50, you will then be entered into the Tournament and receive an email confirming this.

Between 12-1pm, we will be testing computers, 1pm the tournament will kick off with the first leg. Second Leg will start hopefully around 2:30PM. More times will follow once confirmed.


1st prize will be 50%, 2nd prize will be 35% and 3rd prize will be 15% of the Prize Pool. The Split of prize fund will be 50/35/15. Eg £50 collected, £25/£17.50/£7.50


No cheating allowed will result in a disqualification.

A draw will result in one extra round with 1 half.

A no-show player will result in the other player proceeding thru the tournament.

You may use your own joystick

No emulators.

Scores will be recorded on paper and other player must agree with submitted scores with judge.


Knockout – All games in first and second round.

Semi/Final will be Best of 3.


SWAGDerek, SWAGDave and SWAGGil will oversee the tournament.


On Saturday 26th January the South West Amiga Group will be holding a double-length meet, running from 11am – 10pm.

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SWAG #8 Confirmed

Event Banner

The next SWAG meeting takes place on Saturday 29th September 2018.

The event kicks off at 11am with brunch at the greasy spoon next door. The session at the Makerspace starts at 12 noon.  For directions please see The Events Page.

SWAG #7 Confirmed

June 2018 SWAG LogoThe next SWAG meeting takes place on Saturday 30th June 2018.

The event kicks off at 11am with brunch at the greasy spoon next door. The session at the Makerspace starts at 12 noon.  For directions please see The Events Page.

The Commodore Talk at Revival 2018

SWAG member Zeb attended Revival 2018 and filmed ‘The Commodore Talk’, featuring David Pleasance, Simon Butler, Colin Porch, Anthony Ball and Archer Maclean.

SWAG at Retro Revival Generation X

Retro Revival GenX Banner

SWAG will be attending Retro Revival 2018 “Generation X”, showcasing  members’ machines including the Amiga 4000, 1200, 600, 500, CDTV and CD32.  Please do visit our stand and check out the exhibits and demos!

REVIVAL: Generation X 2018 is the latest upcoming show from Revival Retro Events, featuring the very best in dedicated retro video gaming exhibits and unrivalled gaming atmosphere! With literally DOUBLE the floor space of the previous year, 2018’s main event will feature well over 250 playable systems and interactive attractions that will entertain any old school gamer, families, children and casual gamers alike.”

19th-20th May, Bank’s Stadium, Walsall, England.

SWAG #6 Confirmed

SWAG January Banner

The next SWAG meeting takes place on Saturday 27th January 2018.

The event kicks off at 11am with brunch at the greasy spoon next door. The session at the Makerspace starts at 12 noon.  For directions please see The Events Page.

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