SWAG #11 – Meet-up Preview

SWAG #11 – Preview of the Meet


We cannot wait, we are only one short-week away from the weekend and it has been a while since we have set foot inside Doddington Parish Hall which is just outside of Bristol. We have been nervous and WE ARE GOING FOR GREEN LIGHT!

Zeb with David Pleasance

Former Commodore UK managing director David Pleasance will be joining us, he will be bringing his NEW Book that he has done in collaboration with Trevor Dickinson, which is hot off the Press and we will have the first sneak-peek of Vultures to Vampires.

David’s Books

After the success of his first book ‘Commodore: Inside Story’, they realised that not everything had been spoken about, like the aftermath of the Amiga and who owned it, who had the right’s to name and what happened next? David will be here to allow you to pick-up your copy of the book for those who pre-ordered and may have a few fresh copies floating around his table.

Amiga 2020

At the last Workbench event, which happened just before the virus locked us down, we had a very successful event, we invited Stephen Fletcher to include us in the forthcoming Amiga 2020 documentary, he was present and recorded plenty of footage to use for his successful Kickstarter, as events have unfolded throughout 2020, he had to re-think the documentary content and title as he didn’t want the documentary to be about the virus, he wanted to focus on why are people returning to it or never left in the first place.  Barry Morse (with Stuart Miles) from the Retro Shed YouTube channel will be joining us as they will be filming on behalf of Stephen, they will be conducting interviews, asking questions and filming you at the meet, if any reason you do not wish to be in documentary please let them (or SWAG know) on the day.

The Retro Shed

We will just be keeping this meet as simple as possible, to see how it goes and will be listening to your thoughts before we do the bigger ‘Workbench’ event.  This is a ‘ticket-only’ event, when you arrive we will have a table with sanitizers on and we will be checking that you have paid and then give you a badge to wear.  At 10am we will appreciate any assistance in setting up the tables, a map will be ‘printed off’ and placed with your name upon it, there has been some changes to the layout over the last few weeks so please refer to the map or ask the SWAG team where you are sitting, would help to wear the badge as I sometimes forget who you are.

Scott (RetroBench) repairing Amiga’s

At this time, we want to thank Scott (former RetroBench) for previously sponsoring our meets, he has decided to not do any soldering this time but to relax and enjoy the day without any stressful recapping work.  Zeb will be in the corner doing some recapping work, he does not hold stock of caps but you are more then welcome to bring your own, the two Derek’s will also be on hand if any questions about inner workings of your Amiga system and advice given.

There is too much to list but we do ask for you to Declare your SWAG, the meets are about you, what you bring and share with the rest of us, that what they are about and I already seen some amazing kit mentioned in the Facebook group.

Stay Safe everyone, please let us know if you are not feeling well before you travel and don’t forget to bring your power blocks / leads. Let’s make it a great meet.

ROB EDIT: Please note that we will have bottles of hand sanitiser located around the hall and kitchen on Saturday. If you could make use of them it would be appreciated.

Note that there is NO requirement for you to wear a face mask at this event. Many of you will be at the meet for a good 12 hours. Wearing a face mask for that length of time will not be pleasant. We shall leave the decision of wearing face masks up to yourselves.

If you’re lucky enough to have a PCR test kit please do test yourself the night before. The greater number of us who can test before the event the less risk we have of something spreading. Also, if you have potential COVID symptoms then please do NOT attend.

Many thanks. See you Saturday

SWAG #11 – Book your tickets please

Please be aware that there is a slight price increase of 50p, to £7. This is to cover Covid related supplies and any food / drink prices increases. The system is limited to book for four people, you maybe required to scan with the NHS App on arrival, although it is not required to wear a mask, more info will follow.

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SWAG #11 – We are Back !


It’s been a very long time coming but we are pleased to announce that SWAG meetings are go once more!

On Saturday 4th September we will be holding our 11th meet, which will run from 10:00am – 10:00pm, and will be held at Dodington Parish Hall, Finch Road, Chipping Sodbury, BS37 6JZ

Countdown to be able to purchase tickets


Tickets cost £7.00, and if you’re quick enough you can book one of the limited number of tables for you to set your kit up on. Once the tables have all been taken there will be a few spaces available if you’re able to supply your own table. When those have gone you can still book a ticket to attend but you will be unable to set up any kit.

Note that we will not have any guest speakers at this event, but don’t panic. We are working hard on organising our guest line-up for Workbench 2022, which should take place on the last Saturday in January next year.

All tickets cover a sandwich lunch, plus tea, coffee, soft drinks and nibbles throughout the day.

The Booking Page will open on Sunday the 8th of August 21:00 BST.