The Museum of Computing @ Swindon exists to provide you with a record of all aspects of the history of computing. museum_computing We are family-friendly, and welcome people of all ages. You will find many hands-on exhibits, allowing you to experience computers and related items as they were in the past.

swindon-makerspace-logo-with-textSwindon Makerspace was officially formed in November 2015, born from Swindon Hackspace which has been running since June 2012. Unit 34, BSS House, Swindon.

bristol_hackspaceBristol Hackspace is a place to make things; a community of like-minded individuals centred around our space in Bedminster, Bristol.  We welcome people with an interest in all kinds of making and creating.

recursionRecursion; A fun-packed day dedicated to Computer Science and Computing in both industry and leisure. Recursion 2016 is free for all visitors and exhibitors (Stratford-upon-Avon).

Every REVIVAL RETRO event focuses exclusively on retro video gaming and the retro_revivalsurrounding culture of the scene. Our main events contain a mixture of playable exhibits in the form of arcade machines, pinball machines, home computers, consoles and portable devices from past system generations generally spanning the 1970’s right up to the early 2000’s. (various dates/venues).

Vasileios Psomiadis Vasileios recreates many posters for Amiga Scene, he likes a challenge and has spent many hours recreating these old magazine posters into high resolution work.

Paul Kitching 3d Paul has built up a reputation in the Amiga hardware scene for producing some stunning 3D work, he has been known for taking ideas and turning them into breathtaking visuals.

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