SWAG 14 update / auction / tournament

It’s been a few weeks since we last spoke about the upcoming SWAG on the 18th February and it’s not been simple to organise this one.  We usually borrow some tables from the scouts and that deal is falling through, so we are now trying to work out how we can redo the layout slightly.  I want to thank all those who have come forward and offered to carry a table of their own in their car, it is going to help us a lot as we are trying to hold onto this venue for a little while longer.

There have been quite a few of you that have been buying the visitor tickets over the last few weeks, this is great as we need to have you all accounted for so we can place the food orders that we now sub-out and we have been very happy with the food provided.

Auction is NOW live, it is not going to be a big auction like last time, I (and any admins) will be adding to the auction over the next week, this will close around the 10th/11th.  There were some left over items that I have been listing and also some donations that we have had, these will be listed.  I am juggling work/rest and SWAG life right now.

The auction is the same as last time, click the top right to recover your email. If you wish to bid, it works similar to eBay, we will expect you to PAY after the auction and you will be present to collect your items with a valid ticket at SWAG 14.

The room might have a few games going on, we will be holding an official tournament for SWAG14, we have some low budget prizes to give away, but Gil is currently reviewing which game is suitable and how the rules will work.  More news to come.

Please get your tickets ordered now.  Many thanks Dave and the team.

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