SWAG13 – 17th September is a GO

WE ARE NOT SOLD OUT BUT CLOSED THE TICKET SALES, we are ready for a fantastic day of Amiga action, we will be at Dodington Parish Hall, click Location to see how to get there. See you tomorrow!


Items must be paid for and collected at a Meet (unless arranged with an admin), we have made a significant amount of money for SWAG and will release info on that soon.


We are going to be holding an International Karate+ tournament at the lower right of the hall, prizes will be announced on the day, please come up and enter the tournament.

Bring and Buy Table

After the success of the Bring and Buy table we are going to be holding this at our meets regularly.  Please bring any items that you wish to sell, we provide a slip for you to fill in details.

Repair Corner

Zeb will be in his usual spot and will be doing Cap repairs on your amiga, he offers his services Free of Charge but he has a donation tin on the table for those who wish to give.  Parts like Capacitors can be bought from Amiga Spirit.

Derek Fellows (also known as Amiga Spirit) will be there also doing some repairs, although some of more challenging repairs he will take back to his bench in Swindon to do, please note that Derek will quote you for any work that you may need.

There will also be others on hand to help with repairs, Derek Chandler and the return of Lozzo who usually can help check your EEPROMs.

Your continued support for SWAG will help us provide a dedicated meet for those who are interested in Amiga. We have grown significantly over the years and it has been difficult for us to balance the price of admission and the running costs, we are ‘breaking even’ at the moment and we do rely on donations and sponsors to help try and bring something different.  

Venue Search for Workbench 2023

We heard your reactions to the last Workbench, there were a lot of people there and it was cramped.  We started looking for alternative places to go, but nothing has yet been right for us, however SWAG will remain at Dodington Parish hall as we attempt to squeeze the most out of the venue for 2023 but if anyone has a bigger hall, in the South West, has more than 30 tables and 100 chairs and has catering options, please get in touch.

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