IMPORTANT :  SWAG#13 at present is still going ahead, we have spoken to the parish council and unless things change with regards the funeral arrangements, we are still planning on running SWAG#13 at the end of week, if we do have to postpone I suspect it would only be a few weeks.  

We are currently running a set of online auctions on our website listing items from a recent Amiga mega-haul. The auctions are closing TONIGHT and over the next few days with most of the larger items being sold this weekend from a huge donation thanks to the generosity of a retired family in Bideford.  The auction includes Amiga 4000, 2000, 1200, A500+, A500, A600 and a CD32 with various upgrades, including GVP and Commodore Sidecars, Flicker Fixers, Memory and Processor Upgrades, FMV and Monitor risers and I didn’t mention the software/games yet!  Over the next few days we will be listing some smaller items that will run up to the SWAG meet date on Saturday 17th September.

Many of the items will finish this weekend. We expect auction winners to pay for their items (right after the auction please) and they can then pick them up at the SWAG13 meet (so you will need a ticket).

If you did not get access or didn’t receive the email that was sent out to everyone (who has attended a SWAG event in the last 3 years), then please go to the website and click ‘My account’ in the top right. From there you can press ‘Lost your password’ to receive an email. Use the same email that this message has arrived in.

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