SWAG #13 – Tickets is now live

We made some changes to the way the tickets will be ordered, mostly because of problems with booking over the past few meets.  You will need a bank/credit card and Paypal is NOT AN OPTION, each ticket is priced at 10 pounds and children remain free.  Please add visitor tickets to the check-out for any additional family members that will come along.

There is NO SEAT picker, we will be allowing you to find a space within the Table group you have ordered, see pic for Details

Refunds: If the meet is postponed or cancelled, you will be notified about refunds, if you cannot turn up and need to cancel, please let us know.  also please note that refunds will not be given in the last week up to the meet.  

Please make sure the email address you use is current and check the SPAM folder as we may contact you regarding future events and the upcoming auction.

Also, we will ask you to provide name details (for badges) in the Order Notes, we will reserve the right to cancel a table, you can only order ONE TABLE for Yourself.

Please also note any food allergies in the order notes box too.

To order your tickets — ORDER HERE

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