UPDATED: Announcing Workbench 2022

UPDATED: Important Workbench 2022 Announcement!

The bad news…After much consideration, the SWAG committee have decided to postpone the Workbench 2022 event which was due to take place on Saturday 5th of February. We can’t be certain what restrictions will be in place by the start of next month and we don’t want to organise a massive event if we have to cancel it or if, due to rising infection rates, a large number of guests and attendees are unable to be there.The good news…We will still be going ahead with a SWAG meet on Saturday 5th February, but it will be a standard meet with the same format as the one we had last September. Turn up, set your kit up and meet fellow Amiga users. There will be no guest speakers or raffle.Workbench 2022 is NOT cancelled. We are looking to hold Workbench 2022 in May – actual date to be confirmed. With a May date the weather will be better – we’ll be able to ventilate the room better and by that point the number of COVID cases should have dropped significantly.Back to our February 5th meet (SWAG #12)…Can you give us a rough idea if you’re likely to attend the February meet, please? We just want to make sure the interest is there. PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS THREAD IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND.

Tickets to SWAG #12 will be available from 8pm on 8th January.

Many thanks for your support and patience!


Previous announcement below:-

We had a great SWAG meet to finish off 2021, not everyone could make it but we did sell out within a few hours which means that you guys want more.  So we had to hold back this announcement and we have been working with Amiga Ireland to make sure our dates didn’t clash. We can now officially reveal that February 5th will be Workbench 2022, for this year we are breaking away from our regular pattern to bring you a packed Saturday of fun, raffles, tournaments, presentations, sellers and everything you love about the Amiga.  

We can also announce now that we have been sponsored by WavemStudios, Stephen Fletcher originally started a Kickstarter for the Amiga 2020 documentary and after a few revisions of content, he has now chosen a new name Alive and Kicking, we have been working with him recording footage for the last few SWAG meetups and now pleased to have him as the show’s main sponsor.  Stephen will also be doing a short presentation.

Further announcements will be made throughout the next few months. We are looking forward once again to bringing you Workbench at Dodington Parish Hall in February.  

The SWAG Committee.

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