We are still here

It’s been a while since I have written any news on this site, at least the login details still work, but we had one fantastic Workbench 2020 meet that I still need to write up on. But we had booking after booking ready 2020 / 2021, then delayed them for obvious reasons.

Under normal circumstances we try and release ticket booking one month prior to the next meet, we are still hopeful that we can provide a meet but at the moment we are awaiting final news of what we can do with the hall, how many attendance and some of the policies that may have to be put in place.

This weekend (August 1st), we should be posting news on social media / newsletters and the website of what happens next. Thank you. Dave / SWAG

UPDATED 1st August: 1 week delay for tickets to go live, we not yet finished discussing the meet-up. Sorry for delay !

AmigaLive – 30th May

Amiga Live – Play Online games with your Amiga friends

Next weekend, we will be instead of taking over Doddington Parish Hall, we will be sat behind keyboards, joysticks and mice playing games online and chatting to our friends, some of us will have camera’s and some of us will be doing various kinds of non-sense. Come on over, download Discord and join in the fun.

Revision 2020

SWAG has recently setup a channel on discord. Come join us this weekend as we talk and watch Revision 2020.

See our Twitter/Facebook Feed’s for the latest news

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