SWAG Meeting #2 is GO!

event-updatedFollowing the success of the very first SWAG meeting we are pleased to announce that a date for the second meeting is now confirmed.

Please put Saturday 17th September in your diaries. The venue will once again be The Makerspace, Swindon!

For full details please see the SWAG Events Page.

Raspberry Pi Workshop Announced

pi-workshopInterested in emulation?  Having trouble finding a use for your Raspberry Pi?  Check our Raspberry Pi Workshop page here and attend the First SWAG Event, 7th May 2016 for hands-on support in the configuration of an auto-booting UAE4ALL environment!

Dyna Blaster Tournament Announced

dynablasterWe know the Amiga was and still is a much-loved gaming platform, and it’s because of this that we’re making sure there’s a good multiplayer element to our first meeting. The 4-player joystick/pad adapter has arrived, and we’ll be firing-up Dynablaster Bomberman and Gauntlet 2 for a mix of fight-to-the-death and co-op gaming. (If you can think of any other 4/5 player simultaneous Amiga games that would be suitable then please let us know!).

First SWAG Event – 7th May 2016

eventThe first SWAG event has now been announced;  to be held at Swindon Makerspace on Saturday 7th May 2016.  Please see the ‘event‘ page for more details.  We hope to see you there!


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